Divag from "Dolina" LP (Treue um Treue 2010)
Sun backwards from "Dolina" LP (Treue um Treue 2010)
Leave them the earth! from V/A "It's in the air!" (Spielzeug Muzak 2011)
To be scared from V/A "Circuit d'Actes" (La Forme Lente 2010)
Corridors from V/A "Festival der Genialen Dissidenten" (Enfant Terrible 2008)
To be scared (live)
Le monde extérieur (live)
Tikanis (live)
Shall we? (live)
(live at Le Klub, Paris, 09/04/2010)
Mot d'ordre 2
(lost tracks mini album 2006-2008)